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Painting Holidays with Inspiring Settings

If you enjoy sketching or painting, why not develop your skills on an art-specializing holiday? There are all sorts of packages to choose from.

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Have you thought about a painting holiday?

If you enjoy sketching or painting, why not develop your skills on an art-specializing holiday? There are all sorts of packages to choose from, offering spectacular settings to inspire you and professional tutors to help as required. What’s more, you’ll be with like-minded holidaymakers who share your passion for fine art and will take an interest in your work. Some of these painting holidays include a range of creative art options, while others offer sight-seeing excursions and holiday entertainments too, so browse the options carefully before booking. Here are some key choices to consider:

Destination options

Pick any accessible part of the world, and you could well find a painting holiday provision there. For minimal travel, look for places within easy reach, but bear in mind that a complete change might be more exciting. You’ll be spoilt for choice in Europe’s Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, Italy and Greece – ideal settings for artists with their stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and clear, bright sunlight. Painting holidays are also available around the globe, in countries such as India, Bali, Cambodia and Thailand.

Some of the packages available in these areas include yoga, and you’ll find other stimulating combinations with art elsewhere, such as safaris in Africa, tours of Japan and nature trails in South America’s Costa Rica. In the United States, art-focused holidays can be found in the countryside of Virginia, the mountains of Colorado and the coastline area of California, among other regions.

Creative art options

There are holidays to accommodate all the main art media, from drawing, watercolour and oil painting to sculpture, print-making, photography and more. Some places offer a wide range, with creative activities for children, too, while others focus on a particular medium, such as watercolour. As seen in the section above, you can also find courses that combine creative arts with other activities.

Holiday content options

If you’re keen to develop your artistic skills, look out for a painting holiday that offers a structured course, or one with several tutors on hand to help as needed. But you may just want a motivating atmosphere; in which case, pick a package that offers freedom to do your own thing, preferably with extensive grounds where you can move around freely. Perhaps you’re not so keen on art that you want to be working at it all through your holiday. If that’s that case, choose a deal that offers a mix of art, sightseeing and general fun.

Date and duration options

There are painting holidays available year-round, including ones in warm, snug settings for the winter season. You can also choose between short breaks of three or four days and longer holidays of a week or more, depending on your budget and commitments, of course. Prices will vary through the year, so if cost is a key factor for you, check out the deals and discounts available before anything else.

Whatever painting holiday package you choose, book it well in advance to be sure of a place. But don’t wait for the holiday to get painting, sculpting or whatever it is you do. Pursue your passion now and every day, with your art-specializing holiday as a shining beacon ahead.

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