Bring Your Log Cabin to Life with the Right Lighting Options

Decorating a log cabin presents some unique challenges for homeowners. Read on to discover how horn and antler based accents can bring charm and beauty to that cabin in the woods.

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Bring Your Log Cabin to Life with the Right Lighting Options

There are many wonderful styles of home for buyers to choose from, but for many a log cabin in the woods remains the ultimate dream home.  Whether that beautiful log cabin is located far off in the wilderness or just outside of town, these rustic abodes can provide charm, beauty and sophistication to the homeowner. 

Decorating a log cabin can be quite a challenge, however, and it is important for cabin owners to consider the unique nature of this type of home as they start to shop.  From the walls and floors to the doors and windows, log cabins demand a different type of decorating style, and it is important to consider how all the decorating elements will fit together.

Wood and other natural materials will of course play a large role in decorating a log cabin.  Many log cabins boast beautiful hardwood floors and beautiful natural wood paneling, helping to emphasize the rustic charm of the home.  Natural elements like antlers and horns can provide even more rustic appeal, and log cabin owners should consider taking advantage of the bounty nature has provided.

For instance, elk and deer antlers can be used as creative and unique door openers for both interior and exterior doors.  Cured and polished antlers are designed to retain their good looks for many years, and they provide a level of beauty and style that is hard to beat.

Of course deer antlers, elk antlers and cow horns can be used for much more than opening doors.  These unique elements often find their way into country themed lamps, lighting fixtures and even chandeliers.  Owners of log cabins are a natural market for these beautiful handmade lighting elements, and such fixtures are right at home in these beautiful homes.

Lamps and lighting fixtures made with antlers and horns run the gamut in terms of both size and price, and it is important for log cabin owners to choose the elements that will bring the most beauty and charm to their new home.  From small subdued accent lamps to large and showy chandeliers made with rack after rack of deer and elk horns, there are an endless number of ways log cabin owners can show off their unique style and make their beautiful home even more charming and rustic.

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